About Us

CRA Academy have the leading scholar program of its kind and the first one in the SE Europe region. It was developed in coordination with leading pharmaceutical and CRO companies, along with lecturers specialized for clinical research (ACRP).

Studying online is more available and convenient than ever! For anyone interested in quality courses and acquiring knowledge – the distance is not an obstacle anymore. Through our E-learning web portal you can access many video presentations, designed to check your current knowledge, as well as to help you gain new insights. Lessons are based on real-life applications and obtaining practical skills in many areas. Our lecturers can be consulted either on the Q/A section during the course or by an e-mail. Any question or dilemma will be dealt with carefully and with patience. By joining our educational programs, you will get all the necessary support for free, along with training materials.


Each study module is followed by online testing, designed to assess obtained knowledge and skills. All doubts, dilemmas or mistakes are being dealt with and corrected after the test, followed by repeating the problematic parts and discussing them thoroughly. The focus remains on real-life situations and practical work.


Your study progress will be monitored and assessed by our teaching staff. They will also provide adequate study guidelines and directions throughout the semester. Any additional question, regardless of the circumstances, will be answered electronically.


Everything you need for getting your CRA Academy CPD Certificate is available online. Exams are taken at the end of studying program by taking an online test via our E-learning portal.