Zoom online Advanced GCP Course (TransCelerate certified)


TransCelerate certified Advanced GCP Course with experienced lecturers on a Zoom based education. We will have monthly schedule for this Zoom based course and you can register and pay here on this page or you can contact us on office@cro.rs if you need more information. After payment you will receive an email with Zoom link for this education. Course duration is approx. 6 hours (one day course) and after lectures all students will take the final test (20 questions, 40 min. test). After passing the test students will receive TransCelerate certified Advanced GCP Diploma.

Topics for this Course:

History and Principles of ICH-GCP
Drug safety and pharmacovigilance
Pediatric clinical trials
Ethical decision-making
Informed Consent process
Orphan drugs (drugs for the rare diseases)
Helsinki Declaration and other documents on ethics
Patient Centric Trials
Bioequivalence studies / Bioavailability / Biosimilars
Final Test