Course for Feasibility Specialists


Conducting clinical trial feasibility is one of the first steps in clinical trial conduct. This process includes assessing internal and environmental capacity, alignment of the clinical trial in terms of study design, the dose of investigational product, comparator, patient type, with the local environment, and assessing the potential of conducting a clinical trial in a specific country. Robust feasibility also ensures a realistic assessment and capability to conduct the clinical trial. For local affiliates of pharmaceutical organizations and contract research organizations, this is a precursor to studying placement and influences the decision of study placement.

This course is designed for everyone who wants to gain the necessary knowledge in the process of getting and starting a new project.

What will I learn?

  • Basics of Business Development
  • Feasibility process, metrics, country feasibility
  • Bid defense meeting
  • Site Evaluation Visit – the purpose, obligations prior the visit, during and after the visit
  • Site Evaluation Visit Report – adequate writing and review of the visit report, grammatical and writing techniques, reviewing tips, report submission timelines